The beach is known for being small but being a part of the capital, Panjim, it attracts a lot of tourists. Also, this is one of the few beaches that is situated so close to a major Goan city so locals prefer an outing here. Furthermore there is always plenty of street food to eat here.

How to go..

It is Just 3km southwest of Panaji, Miramar is the nearest beach to the city. Its pivotal location makes it easily accessible. Often it is regarded as the Marine Drive of Goa, the Miramar Beach is close to the heart of Panaji. Located at the place where Mandovi merges into the sea, it is considered the city's leisure zone.

You must see..

It is particularly crowded in evenings and on Sundays. During mid-May, many women visit this beach to take what is called the sea cure by bathing in its salty waters. It is believed that during high tide, if you can brave the crashing waves on your back, you will be cured of arthritis and joint pains.


During the season, Raj Bhavan is decorated with brilliant lights. In the Miramar, at a last distance from the beach, lies the Samadhi (Hindu Grave) of Dayanand Bandhedkar, Goa's first chief minister whose least rites were performed at the spot. Scuba driving facilities area available along the Miramar-Dona Paula stretch and some of the hotels nearby could also arrange it for you. There are a number of places where you can get good food in Miramar. Most eating joints have various sea delicacies in their menu.

Eat & Drinks..

There’re many restaurants that serve meals in and around Miramar. Other than these there are restaurants in the area too, Edu’s Restaurant and US Pizza, Mums Kitchen, Pan Asian Bowl, Temptations Family Restaurant. Also available there are lots of cafes and beach shacks 'Cafe Coffee Day'. Miramar Beach also offer lots of Clubs and Bars 'Lobby Lounge', 'Lounge', 'Azur', 'Mekong', 'Cafe', D’Silva Fast Food along with many others.

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